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Wellness programs have been shown to improve overall health, decrease health care costs, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism.
We offer in-office and virtual classes, interactive presentations, and wellness coaching. Our offerings address a variety of health and wellness topics. We emphasize using mindfulness techniques to make small lifestyle improvements that lead to lasting change.

Choose from our selections below or request a customized presentation created to meet your company’s specific needs.

30 or 60 Minute Classes
Interactive Presentations
Health and Wellness Coaching

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30-60 Minute Classes


Join us for a guided mindfulness meditation to experience how paying attention, in the present moment, can calm the mind, relax the body and enhance well-being. The benefits of meditation are abundant and well documented.


Get the benefits of a studio class in the comfort of your office.  All-levels classes using alignment focused poses and breathing exercises that everyone can do.  Yoga has numerous evidence based physical and mental health benefits. As an added in-office benefit, yoga can help relieve aches and pains that result from prolonged, uninterrupted sitting.

Chair Stretching

Restorative, gentle movement, stretching and breathing exercises that are accessible to all, and don’t require a change of clothes. You’ll feel more restored, relaxed, focused and ready to take on the day.

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Interactive Presentations
Mindfulness 101: Starting a Meditation Practice 

In this workshop we break down the basics and empower your team with ready-to-implement tools and techniques for cultivating a sustainable meditation practice. We teach the how-to of mindfulness (the power of the pause) and meditation (strength training for the mind) which is proven to improve health, lower stress and anxiety, increase focus, and build resilience. 

Sleep: The Invisible Key to Wellness 

In this workshop we present the findings of current research on the science of sleep. We discuss how sleep affects different parts of the body and mind. We impart specific implementable techniques and tools to aid your team in focusing on and achieving nourishing sleep hygiene.  

Mindful Eating 

We love teaching this workshop because it is a practical, everyday application of the mindfulness techniques we assiduously ascribe to! Simply put, mindful eating is about training your mind to pay attention to your body’s signals so that the quantity and choice of foods you consume are in alignment with your body’s needs. It is a method to help you feel better in your body without eliminating the foods that bring you joy.   

What is self-care anyway? 

In this workshop we discuss the basics of self-care; needs, desires, choices and boundaries. Understanding of these fundamentals help us frame our daily choices around nutrition, fitness, stress management and rest, empowering us to realize significant health benefits.


We’ve all heard the term and likely experienced it at some point. But what exactly is burnout? In this presentation we will discuss the research behind the phenomenon and the physiological effects on the body and mind. We will identify key contributing factors and applicable methods to counteract and reverse the burnout process. 

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Our National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches help individuals improve their health & well-being by providing the support, guidance and accountability needed to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.  

Sessions can be one-time or ongoing 3, 6 or 12 week programs.


The process includes explorations around personal wellness vision, motivation, acknowledging strengths, overcoming obstacles, setting long-term goals and planning weekly action steps.


Some Small Group Topic Options:

  • Reduce Your Risks - Beat Metabolic Syndrome

  • It’s All Connected

  • Stress Mastery

  • Mindful Eating for Weight Management

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