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Brooke Loewenstein, Registered Dietitian received her degree in Public Health Education from Indiana University. From the very beginning she was able to use her knowledge to guide & coach many to a healthy eating lifestyle. Brooke believes that a healthy individual is able to be successful in all aspects of life & therefore has made it her mission to make groundbreaking, yet subtle changes to all who have sought her counsel. After a long stint at top rated New York hospitals, such as New York Presbyterian & others. Brooke launched her own private practice in 2010. Since doing so, she has accumulated a long list of satisfied clients ranging from Grammy winners, Therapists, Authors & CEOs down to everyday housewives, serious about making a real change in their lives. Brooke hopes to one day, author a self help book for parents, facing the many challenges of raising healthy children.

Brooke Lowenstein

Nutrition Specialist, RD

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