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Keely Angel

Director and Lead Teacher

Keely offers over 10 years experience in teaching yoga and meditation, guiding people of all ages and physical capabilities to find a deeper sense of mind/body integration. She creates a compassionate environment in which students can learn what is important and true to their own body and mind. Keely's approach emphasizes how we can apply mindfulness- the capacity to pay attention to what’s happening here and now- to all aspects of our lives so that we can access more authenticity, make healthier choices, reduce stress, and support our well being.

Paige's classes thoughtfully combine elements of yoga, pilates and functional movement as well as mindfulness techniques and breathwork to weave a grounded, embodied experience. Her teaching is articulate and approachable, inviting self-exploration, curiosity and self-compassion.

Aaron Angel

Lead Teacher

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Carmela Frattasi

Lead Teacher

Aaron Angel is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher, with experience in helping people from very diverse backgrounds and fitness levels find more ease in their bodies and minds.  For the past 10 years, Aaron has helped a roster of athletes, working professionals, yoga teachers, and yogis of all ages to discover a practice that inspires natural growth. 

Carmela Frattasi is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with extensive experience in healthy aging and vibrant living. 

For nearly 20 years she has successfully provided education, guidance, and support to help individuals adopt long-term healthy self-care practices that lead to superior health, increased energy, and a higher level of personal fulfillment. 

In addition to NBC-HWC, Carmela is certified as a wellness coach by Wellcoaches, American College of Lifestyle Medicine. and CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program.   She is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer and earned a Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from E-Cornell / T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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