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Aaron Angel is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher, with experience in helping people from very diverse backgrounds and fitness levels find more ease in their bodies and minds.  For the past eight years, Aaron has helped a roster of athletes, working professionals, yoga teachers, and yogis of all ages to discover a practice that inspires natural growth. Aaron’s approach emphasises how we can apply mindfulness- the capacity to pay attention to what’s happening here and now- to all aspects of our lives so that we can access more authenticity, make healthier choices, reduce stress, and support our well being.


Before he began practicing Yoga and meditation, Aaron spent 7 years working in the mortgage and real estate industry in NYC and was having a hard time letting go of the stress he picked up at work. Once Aaron started incorporating mindfulness into his life, he was able to access more ease, be more productive and more resilient, and focus better in his daily life.  This inspired Aaron to get involved in health and wellness as a profession with the aim of making these benefits accessible to all. Now he teaches yoga and meditation full time in NYC, catering to businesses, families, individuals, and underserved communities across the city.

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